The Different Spicys

Only part of the picture.

I have categorized the different types of spicy for you:

1. curry/pepper – peaks, and is maintained with ingestion; lingering effects on tongue, and inside mouth; will literally make you sweat

2. garlic/ginger – builds slowly with ingestion; lingering effects on tongue, and inside mouth

3. wasabi/horseradish – taken in doses; produces an intense effect immediately after ingestion; felt in the back of the face

Your tongue, and face can quickly recover from moderate amounts of these substances. Each comes with an accompanying chemical release in the brain.

For all you poisoners out there:

Black pepper affects me the worst of any spicy food. It’s obviously good in everyday situations but too much of it makes me feel sick in the stomach, and like I’m going insane.


Touché Twitter

This is my wife.

This is my wife.

I see that you are trying to make a point.

You’re a dick for that.


Space Biology

According to this Scientific American article it’s possible for carbon molecules to grow with almost no heat around, all from the basic interactions of light and matter.

Two things to keep in mind:

1. Light is everywhere.

2. Light is generally unaffected by the ambient energy levels of things with mass.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that life was formed elsewhere and brought here (by accident or not).

What is does mean is that maybe we need to stop thinking and talking about how special and wondrous we are. If the research is valid, then it seems to be further evidence in favor of this.

Basically: if the shit happens on a comet, then it can happen anywhere.

Warp Drives

Wormholes shoot lasers.

This write-up, however, is something special:

“The ring, potentially made of exotic matter (or theoretical particles), would somehow cause space-time to warp.”

– I love this because whoever wrote it made no attempt to explain the concepts, maybe even made no attempt to understand them.

Wealth Creation

Settle down there poor person!

Here’s a couple of basic questions about the creation of wealth:

Assumption #1 – Wealth is created through work.

Assumption #2 – Wealth is an abundance of things with value — in this case monetary value.

Should everyone be creating wealth?

– If so, then what about someone who has retired or is, say, sick and bedridden?

– If no, then what will the people not working do for money?

When is it OK to not be creating wealth?

– If there is ever a time to not be creating wealth, and someone is experiencing one of those times and needs money, then where will it come from?

– If there is never a time to not be creating wealth, then I guess I don’t know what to say…

Is it possible to have enough wealth?

– If so, then what will people do when they have created it all and how will it be shared?

– If no, then wow…

Personality Manifesto

1. I ain’t no joke.


So you say the land is being cannibalized?

Sweetheart, your problem is not with capitalism – your problem is with the land.

What else could cannibalize the land?

Perhaps she means something like:

Capitalism eats resources, and we need those resources for ourselves.