Higgs Boson

This is a great interview with Professor Paul Karchin of Wayne State about the recent discovery at CERN. I had a class with this guy. Exciting stuff.


Twitter drama

Part I
Things that are online-related should stay online:

I haven’t been able to use Twitter for a while. Apparently my aggressive Java-script policy was preventing a second site called akamaihd from loading portions of the twitter app into my browser. I forget exactly when this happened first but I was basically prevented from using the web version. The problem from my end seemed to be that the need to allow scripts for this second site didn’t show up until I managed to (after several attempts at several times) load the profile page and see what I needed to do. Akamaihd didn’t show up on the main twitter page or the login page I had bookmarked.

I didn’t especially miss it, though I am more likely to use it now.

This calamity affected exactly 0 people at the time of its occurrence though I’m not sure if I should be worried that Twitter has off-loaded some of their work?

Part II

Having newly discovered Twitter I threw the name Fela Kuti into the people search, knowing full well that the man has been dead for over a decade. It came up with an official @felakuti account that lead me to an official website. This discovery led me to two basic dilemmas:

1. I know this man to be dead. There is no chance there will ever be a tweet from him. Who exactly am I following?

2. I don’t follow a lot of people on there (or anywhere) but none of them follow the Ghost either. This in and of itself is not surprising, what is surprising is the realization that I have not shared my Fela addiction with anyone outside of my wife and a failed attempt at getting some younger friends (like 6 months old) hooked by showing them the Music Is The Weapon DVD that came with a greatest hits CD set. I have all the albums on CD, I made a big deal out of catching them all, I listen to them most of the time and I dance and sing to them by myself, yet I don’t have any friends to enjoy the music with. I keep hoping someone will be affected by the music alone but because that keeps failing to happen I feel the need to enter into some sort of explanation with varying degrees of success. My wife appreciates it but it’s definitely not her favorite. Should I seek out friends that have the same obsession, or possibly, should I make only friends with this interest as a criteria for friendship?

Grandma And Grandpa Aren’t Dead… They’re In Space…

And a spiffy orange rain suit to match.

One of my favorite scenes in any movie, anywhere, from any time period comes at the end of the first Cocoon movie.

All the old people, except for the one who lost his wife before the movie started, have loaded themselves onto a boat and been tractor-beamed onto an alien space ship with the promise of immortality on some non-specific alien planet. Afterwards there’s a funeral service where the minister talks about how they all really died in a boating accident (because the people can’t handle what really happened) and how much everyone still on earth (wink) misses them. The camera slowly pans through the crowd of people sitting in silence and looking all sad until it gets back to Wilford Brimley’s character’s grandson (I think that’s right) David. He then turns around and gazes into the sky with a look of knowing and wonderment and love.

This is one of the few movie scenes that crack me up simply from thinking about it.
It’s meant to be heart-warming and magical but no, it’s just silly.
It’s one of the silliest things ever committed to film.

Also, one of the aliens has a beard. This is one of my favorite beards in a movie.

A Question

Q: Why do you want to play fake money poker on your phone all the time?

A: Because the people that play just for fun in person are generally no fun to play with.

Continuing Education

You there. Old guy.

Typically the people in my classes are younger than me. Atypically I have a conversation with them.

When I get to the part where I explain my situation, that I am a reformed drop-out on my second attempt at glory, the subject of my age comes up.

Here are my three favorite responses to the reveal:

“Oh, wow. I had no idea.”

“Oh, really. I thought you were like 25 or something.”

“Well, you blend in well.”*

*Personal favorite.


I guess we’ll just have to see what happens… I may just keep this one open and change it periodically. That wouldn’t be time consuming at all.