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Doing Math

I can’t figure out what I don’t understand about math to figure out how a plant is supposed to do math. Hopefully I can get a copy of this paper when it comes out.

We don’t say that bi-metallic strips do trigonometry, or calculus.


Space Biology

According to this Scientific American article it’s possible for carbon molecules to grow with almost no heat around, all from the basic interactions of light and matter.

Two things to keep in mind:

1. Light is everywhere.

2. Light is generally unaffected by the ambient energy levels of things with mass.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that life was formed elsewhere and brought here (by accident or not).

What is does mean is that maybe we need to stop thinking and talking about how special and wondrous we are. If the research is valid, then it seems to be further evidence in favor of this.

Basically: if the shit happens on a comet, then it can happen anywhere.