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Chasing Coyote

I’m eating here, buddy…

I was just doing some work in my front yard, when a coyote ran by.

The thing was going full speed, and took a hard Ralph two or three doors down. It took me a minute to recover, but I figured I better follow it.

I walked down to the intersection, didn’t see anything, and decided to go around the block.

Nothing. Not only nothing, but the people outside were definitely not acting like they had just seen a coyote tear-assing through our suburban neighborhood. This was the case in both directions. There seemed to be three possibilities:

1. It was a shape-shifter.

2. It was an hallucination/spirit.

3. It was still trapped in my neighbor’s yard.

The more I thought about it, the more I became afraid that number three was the most likely.

On the way back, I met up with my neighbors coming back from walking their tiny dog. They immediately ask if I’ve seen it. I immediately proceed to tell them how relieved I am to not be hallucinating. They continued home quickly.