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Intellectual Property


I don’t know the situation over at Marvel Comics, but I like to imagine that someone over there figured out, maybe sometime in the mid- ’90’s, that not already having movies made featuring their characters could be seen as an asset. I like to further imagine that whoever that was got a bonus, maybe even a promotion.

If only they could get their shit together, and make a proper Hulk movie.

(A proper Hulk movie ought to be a monster movie with misunderstandings about place in the world, a healthy dose of tragedy, and people’s reactions to the monster — most notably Banner’s. Smashing things, and destruction are only ancillary. The tragedy comes from not fitting in.)


Midi-Clorians: An Inspired Solution


I’ve unfortunately never seen an episode of Parks And Recreation, though I’ve heard it’s funny. So, I’m not trying to endorse the show (or not endorse it, I guess), it’s just that this clip points toward a way out of the whole midi-clorians debacle:

1. Jedi are in fact mutants.

2. The main difference between the Marvel (MU) and Star Wars (SWU) universes is that the SWU has an extra organism that lives inside the cells of other organisms — the midi-clorian.

3. In normal situations the midi-clorians don’t really affect the host, but when present in an individual possessing the X-gene any latent mutant power is both suppressed and distorted. The parasites thrive on the mutant power, and at the same time standardizes what an individual is capable of. Force powers are simply mutant powers filtered through the midi-clorians. Anakin would have been an omega-level mutant in the MU, but was just a kid with a lot of parasites in the SWU.

4. This would mean that the Jedi’s religion is basically bullshit.

5. It seems at least plausible that, because the midi-clorians were thought of as sacred, the scientists never made the right explanations for where all that lightning comes from.

(I kind of needed to think about something else for awhile…)