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The Consequences Of Violence

Fantasy Violence

In an effort to shield (not just) our children from the consequences of violence, we also shield them from the consequences of violence.

I haven’t researched to see if these ideas have been researched before — might be a good future project:

1. Does media that shows the act and the aftermath of the act affect people differently than media that presents the violent act as consequence free?

2. Why do we romanticize (and sometimes fetishize ) violence?

3. Why do we get so much enjoyment out of watching acts of violence? (Yes, this is different.)

4. Why is violence so sensitive to context, or why do we make it so contextual?

5. What’s the connection between these contexts, and the appropriateness of violence? (Assuming that there’s no necessary connection between some given act of violence, and some given situation.)


In Our Opinion

So I was just watching the US women’s volleyball team play the Turkish women’s team. One of the announcers made the comment that in their (the announcers) opinion the Turkish team needed to win the match to move on in the tournament.

It’s interesting that this is the way these things are decided. That is: the effort of the players, and the way the tournament is structured don’t matter, only what the announcers think should happen matters.

I know this is harsh, and most certainly unfair to whomever was calling the game for NBC, but, seriously — that’s dumb commentary.